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A Ju[i]cy Lucy Cheese-plosion

While running on the treadmill the other day, I was watching Food Wars (the irony, I know) and the episode on at the time focused on a cheeseburger called the Ju[i]cy Lucy. Disputed to be created at either Matt’s Bar or the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis, it’s a burger where the cheese is melted inside the burger rather than on top of it. As a burger lover, naturally I had to try it and was a little disappointed in myself that I hadn’t already.

I made two burgers with two different cheeses: regular good ol’ American cheese (even if it isn’t really cheese) and Pepper Jack cheese. Both were pretty good but neither tasted as good as it looked on Food Wars where the cheese was gushing out endlessly. I chalk that up to my patty formation and cooking method though. Still, they were really good burgers and a fabulous way to end a hurricane weekend. I’ll have to experiment more in the future and try out different techniques to make the cheese perfect!




Welcome to Deelicious Eats (with D)!

Welcome to Deelicious Eats (with D), a new food blog chronicling the food adventures of me, Diana (or if you’re lazy, Dee or D). I’m a junior at a NYC business school who enjoys most of what life has to offer, especially my three top loves of music, television and of course, food. The hobby of food blogging had been stewing in my mind for at least the last two years but I had always used my excuse of not having a good-enough camera to keep myself from starting a blog.

It wasn’t until I was having lunch with one of my bosses during the last day of my summer internship when she told me that not having a DSLR was no excuse to not start blogging. I realized that she was right and I really didn’t have a legitimate excuse not to start. Thus, I got off my tushie and with Hurricane Irene keeping me holed up at home for this lovely weekend, I finally created a food blog. Of course, now I realize I created it with only one week to go before my junior (and probably the most hellish) year of college starts but no responsibilities have ever kept me from pigging out! =D Anyway, I believe I’ve rambled on enough about myself so stay tuned for some hopefully tasty recipes and informative reviews!