Because life is too short to not enjoy Deelicious things…

On Wednesday, my mom and I took our annual day-to-mourn-the-end-of-summer trek to the city, with the hopes of finally making it to the High Line park, which we had failed to do two years earlier because we couldn’t find the entrance to it. We started the day uptown and had lunch at a nice Jewish deli called Fine & Schapiro. I had a groupon for the place, which entailed us to two soups, two king-sized sandwiches and a fruit salad. I settled on the matzo ball soup and the corned beef, tongue and turkey sandwich while my mother decided to get the mushroom barley soup and the pastrami, tongue and turkey sandwich.

The restaurant started us off with a bowl of coleslaw, some pickles in different stages of pickling (see the progression of colors) and some rye bread. I’m not a big fan of coleslaw but my mother is and as such, made herself a coleslaw sandwich despite my protests for her to save room for the humongous sandwiches to come. She said the coleslaw was very good: not watery, creamy and crisp. The pickles we started eating even before our soups came and each was a good level of sour. The pickle that had been pickled the longest was not too sour and not very salty. Surprisingly it was the greenest pickle that was the saltiest but even then, it didn’t make us grab for our glasses of water.

Then our soups came. My matzo ball soup was absolutely delicious! The broth was not too salty but the chicken flavor was strong and the noodles were not mushy, and had a slight bite to it. The matzo ball was fluffy and eggy and was fantastic when eaten with a mouthful of chicken soup.

The mushroom barley was also very good. The mushrooms used were very fresh and not overcooked, giving it a firm texture. The barley had a nice bite to it and the rest of the vegetables worked well with the soup.

At this point, my mom was already pretty full since the soup and her makeshift coleslaw sandwich were both filling. However, the sandwiches then came out and looking at the size of these things and how tasty they looked, she had to eat at least half of it!

My corned beef, tongue and turkey sandwich was divine. Look at the size of the thing! It was probably about 5 inches tall! The corned beef was hot and flavorful but didn’t have the overt saltiness of a lot of the corned beefs I had eaten before. And the tongue, well it was my first time eating tongue and I don’t know exactly how to describe it but it was delicious! It had a nice slighty nutty (maybe? don’t know if that’s the right word to describe it) flavor and a chewy but not rubbery texture to it.

The same could be said for the pastrami; it was hot, smoky and flavorful but also wasn’t too salty. The only downside to these sandwiches was that the turkey was a little dry but when eating it with the corned beef, pastrami and tongue, the dryness was barely noticeable.

When both of us had eaten half of our respective sandwiches, we were too full to have the fruit salad in the restaurant so we asked the waiter if we could take it to-go. He was nice enough to pack it up for us but as a result, I couldn’t get a picture of what it would’ve looked like. I ate it later on in the day and the fruit salad was a basic fruit salad of cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple and grapes, which was tasty enough but nothing special.

Overall, the meal was excellent. The soups and sandwiches were both delicious and filling and prepared us for a day of walking. We ended up not reaching the High Line yet again (we ended up somewhere on Fifth Avenue shopping for interview blazers small enough to fit me and chocolate >_>) so we’re trying again later today!

Rating: 4.2 / 5

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