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Ngam: Third Avenue Thai

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! Well, my hiatus was a lot longer than expected but I was quite busy during the last three months and did a lot! I had a few days to recuperate from a challenging semester and I’m ready to get back into eating, taking pictures of food and documenting my food adventures.

My post today is about Ngam, a Thai restaurant near Union Square. My 20th (no longer a teen, sadness) birthday was earlier last week and while my mom and I were deciding on where to go eat, she said that she wanted oysters that she didn’t have to shell herself. I know how expensive most of the raw oysters in the city are, with most basic oysters costing at least $2.50 each, which is why I was very happy when I found Ngam. I was walking up 3rd Avenue a few weeks back and a sign outside the restaurant said “99¢ Blue Point Oysters” and I thought, “Sold. ”

So that night we went to celebrate with raw oysters and Thai food. It’s about two blocks away from my freshman year dorm and but the front is a bit small and easy to miss. There is a nice white sign with a pretty flower hanging outside, which makes it easier to identify. We went inside, were seated and promptly ordered a half dozen oysters. I also ordered the Thai corn chowder and the chicken Pad Thai while my mom got the green curry fried rice.

The lighting in the restaurant is pretty poor at night, with my only light source pretty much being a small, red candle on the side of the table. Thus, my pictures with no flash aren’t the best quality and I had to resort to using the flash to capture details and colors. The non-flash picture of each dish is on the left and the picture with flash is on the right.

Our oysters came out pretty fast and were plated on some ice.

The oysters come with a special sweet & spicy sauce topped with fish roe. My mom absolutely loved these – the spicy sauce was a great way to complement the raw oysters and I enjoyed the touch of fish roe, which added a very slight pop. We ended up ordering another 6 to make our oyster count a dozen.

My Thai corn chowder consisted of a corn puree, coconut milk and a spicy drizzling of oil. I liked the spiciness and heat that the oil brought and the coconut and corn made for a very nice creamy combination. However, I’m not sure if they mixed some of the husk in it or something like that because the texture was incredibly fibrous and made the soup very hard to actually drink. The texture was so hard to get past that it negated any good flavors that the soup had. I would not order this soup again, not until they fix the texture.

Moving on from the bad corn chowder experience, my chicken Pad Thai came next and redeemed the chowder. The dish was brought out steaming hot, so hot that I actually had to let it cool down a bit to eat. The ingredients and flavors are typical of a Pad Thai: crushed peanuts, bean sprouts, scallions, eggs, chili powder, rice noodles and of course, chicken. It was great and it definitely satiated the craving I had for the dish.

The green curry rice came with three baby back ribs and sliced peppers. The curry flavor was very apparent in the rice and it was also cooked in coconut milk. My mom isn’t a fan of coconut and thus didn’t really like the rice. However, the ribs were very good and tender as the meat just fell off the bone.

Overall, Ngam was a good place to eat, but not amazing. The dishes excluding the oysters are priced a bit on the high side for Thai and they weren’t phenomenal to justify the price. If I were to come here next time, I probably wouldn’t have an actual meal but I would sit at the bar and just order the oysters. So, if you love oysters for a great price, definitely head here but you can find cheaper Thai places nearby in the Village with just as good Pad Thai and probably better corn chowder.

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

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