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Ngam: Third Avenue Thai

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! Well, my hiatus was a lot longer than expected but I was quite busy during the last three months and did a lot! I had a few days to recuperate from a challenging semester and I’m ready to get back into eating, taking pictures of food and documenting my food adventures.

My post today is about Ngam, a Thai restaurant near Union Square. My 20th (no longer a teen, sadness) birthday was earlier last week and while my mom and I were deciding on where to go eat, she said that she wanted oysters that she didn’t have to shell herself. I know how expensive most of the raw oysters in the city are, with most basic oysters costing at least $2.50 each, which is why I was very happy when I found Ngam. I was walking up 3rd Avenue a few weeks back and a sign outside the restaurant said “99ยข Blue Point Oysters” and I thought, “Sold. ”

So that night we went to celebrate with raw oysters and Thai food. It’s about two blocks away from my freshman year dorm and but the front is a bit small and easy to miss. There is a nice white sign with a pretty flower hanging outside, which makes it easier to identify. We went inside, were seated and promptly ordered a half dozen oysters. I also ordered the Thai corn chowder and the chicken Pad Thai while my mom got the green curry fried rice.