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Tomo Japanese Cafe

So I have started classes again and that means I will barely have time to do things non-work related. However, I am still eating well and will try to continue to find time to write about these eating experiences. Last Friday, my friend Stephanie and I went to a cozy little Japanese sushi restaurant called TOMO. The one that I went to in Elmhurst (about an hour train ride on the R from the Village, faster if you take the E/F and transfer) is called TOMO Japanese Cafe while the other location in Jackson Heights is called TOMO Japanese Cuisine. Don’t know why they have two different names but what they both do have is good, cheap sushi.

Stephanie introduced me to this place a little under a year ago and at that time, I didn’t even like sushi. She convinced me to go with her using the words “3 rolls for $10 and $1 sushi/sashimi!”. Well, I always love a good deal and had to see what the sushi fuss was all about. The sushi there was actually quite tasty and ever since, I’ve been trekking there for my cheap sushi fix.